4 Stages of Mentoring Explained

In business, mentoring is similar to establishing a human relationship. Its A Reel Business will go into detail on the 4 stages of mentoring for businesses.

If you are interested in business mentoring and the benefits, a successful mentorship must go through the 4 stages.

We outline in more detail below.


The first stage of mentoring is the preparation stage or initiation stage. At this stage the mentor and the mentee get to know each other and discuss values, business goals and skill gaps. At this stage, parties to a mentorship work on communication to form an understanding.


The second stage of a mentor – mentee relationship is the negotiation stage. At this stage the parties set learning goals. The negotiations help to set out the learning plan, the timeline other issues including:

  • confidentiality
  • boundaries
  • responsibilities


The third stage of mentoring is the growth stage. This is where the mentorship is well established and the parties are working towards the goals that were set out in stage 1 and 2.

At this stage the mentor helps the mentee overcome challenges that they may be experiencing through guidance and advice.

To sum up this phase consists of bother parties monitor the learning process and ensure goals are being met.


The final stage of mentoring the closure of the mentorship. Closure happens due to a number of reasons but mainly in the form of the accomplishment of goals.

When a mentor and mentee relationship reaches this goal, it is usually met with success. It is important that for a mentorship to reach this stage and only a partnership where both parties make the effort to reach this stage.