5 Best Hoshin Kanri Blogs

Are you looking for information on developing a Hoshin Kanri strategy for your business? In this review we will show our readers the 5 best Hoshin Kanri Blogs of 2021.

We have listed below some of the best resources that offer helpful information for organizations that are thinking of implementing hoshin kanri or who are in the early stages of their hoshin strategy.

What is Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri can be translated as:

  • Ho – Direction
  • Shin – Compass
  • Kan – Control
  • Ri – Reason or logic

Hoshin Kanri is a practice of steering an organization and supporting it’s continuous improvement efforts.  Hoshin Kanri involves setting strategic goals, a vision, and tactics to achieve the goals and vision at all levels in an organization; Source: https://blogs.mtu.edu/improvement/2012/02/07/hoshin-kanri-strategy-deployment/

Best Hoshin Kanri Blogs

5) Michigan Technological University

One of the best resources online to offer a straight forward understanding as to what exactly is Hoshin Kanri is the continuous improvement blog on the Michigan Technological University website.

Resources from university websites are not biased or trying to funnel readers into buying a software, therefore this is a resource that we felt had to be on our list of the best hoshin kanri blogs 2021.

4) Kanbanize

Kanbanize are a well known strategic company that is focused on project and strategy execution solutions for business. This company have a large amount of content on their website offering valuable information and insights into Hoshin Kanri.

If you need both entry level information on strategy or more advanced detailed views on strategy execution, the content on the Kanbanize website is well worth reading.

3) Sigma Magic

Sigma Magic offer a range of software solutions, however they also have useful information on implementing hoshin planning in your company.

Simple and straight forward resources that will inform you about your hoshin strategies. On this website you will also find the 7 steps of Hoshin Planning resource.

2) Kanbanzone

Kanbanzone offer a large library of resources business strategies, coaching, lean and on Hoshin Kanri. There are lots of low and high level hoshin content on this company blog that is well worth a read to learn more on the topic.

If you are thinking of learning more about Kanban or HK and want to implement the software in your company, then this website is one that you should check out to become more informed on the topic.

1) i-nexus Hoshin Kanri Blog

The leading company in the area of Hoshin Kanri is i-nexus. This company has one of the largest resources on Hoshin Kanri online in 2021. The strategy execution company also offer readers a wide range of free resources on all of their hoshin blogs.

If you need up to date information, examples of Hoshin Kanri, then you need to read the i-nexus blog.

If you are starting your Hoshin journey, we wish you well and we recommend that you check out all of the resources listed above for more information on the topic.